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Why vacuum extract?

Why vacuum extract is way better than simple tincture.

Amanita muscaria, also known as fly agaric mushroom, has been widely used for various medicinal and spiritual purposes for centuries. One of the popular forms of using this mushroom is by making a tincture or extract out of it. However vacuum extract of Amanita muscaria is far better then traditional tincture.

The vacuum extraction process extracts the full range of beneficial compounds from the mushroom, creating a more potent and concentrated product. This extraction process involves using a vacuüm to remove all air from the extraction vessel, creating an environment where the extraction medium can seep through the mushroom tissue and extract all beneficial compounds without introducing oxygen that could degrade the components. This method isolates the psychoactive elements like muscimol from the mushroom and prevents the potential toxins present from affecting the product, increases the potency of the extract. More over, ibotenic acid is fully decarboxylated to pure muscimol.

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