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Amanita Regalis 

Here you have our Regalis Extract for everyday microdose use. There is an important difference between A. regalis and A. muscaria you need to know. The chemistry of both mushrooms is almost identical yet concentration of muscimol/ibotenic acid in Regalis exceeds Muscaria several times. Moreover A. regalis does not produce muscarine like A. muscaria, nor stizolobic acids like A. pantherina which makes it most potent and most pure source of GABA antagonists of all Amanitas. Below you may find comparition of active substances content in these three species. 




These facts determine dosage of our Extract for microdosing at 1 drop per 50 kg (110 lb) of body weight. In this case we discourage you from overdosing it especially if you are yet not familiar with Amanitas and their psychosomatic effects.

Please remember, as in the case of Muscaria, that after ingestion you may become sleepy or your awarness may be directed inward. Do not drive a car in this state nor do things that require focused outward attention. The best time for Amanitas is always when you have time for yourself, free from external duties.



And now some technicalities:


• The extract contains 75% of Amanita Regalis oleoresin dissolved in organic plant glycerol of pharmaceutical purity grade. This is required to keep the extract in a liquid state.

• Due to the high content of oleoresin, the extract may coagulate and/or crystalize at temperatures below 20°C. This may occur when the package will be delivered to you. To turn it into the liquid again place it in a warm place or warm (not hot) water. 35-40°C for 15 minutes will do. Shake it well.

• There is no need to keep it cold but keep it tightly closed to prevent air contact.

• It may be ingested in pure drops or dissolved in water, fruit or vegetable juice, wine etc. but NOT(!) in carbonated drinks.

• Our extract is fully decarboxylated and stabilized to low pH. Alkaline products or carbonated drinks ingested directly with the extract may cause mild nausea or stomach discomfort.

• 3 ml bottle contains about 60 drops (5 ml - 100 drops).


We are always happy to hear from you. If you would like to share your experiences please contact us on

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