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Amanita Muscaria

We are proudly presenting the first Amanita Extract for everyday microdose use. The formula of our extracts differs widely from anything you may find elsewhere. This organic, eco-friendly and vegan product does not contain alcohol or any synthetic solvents but thanks to our new method of vacuum extraction all active compounds can be distilled and concentrated in a pure form. As a result, you can use only a few drops instead of a handful of dried amanitas.
Start with spending the first few days determining your dose. Initially, allow your body to respond to 2-3 drops. In most cases, 4 drops should be enough but it may vary depending on your body weight and metabolism. Please remember that microdosing is not focused on immediate results or spectacular fireworks and entertainment. It is a long-distance psychosomatic journey that may support you in changing your behavioral patterns and improving your emotional life. In microdosing, the „right” dose is such that you can feel hardly anything right away but in a long term, you observe emotional, mental and behavioral effects. The main active compound of the amanita – muscimol – structurally mimics the brain neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), thus affecting the central nervous system. This is the basis of its mind-body action.
While using our extract, please keep in mind several qualities of the amanita and muscimol itself:
• It is NOT a narcotic or a psychedelic yet it has a psychoactive effect. It may turn your awareness inward or cause sleepiness. The capability to evoke meditative-like states in long-term use was also observed. Do not drive a car or do things that require staying focused directly after ingestion.
• It will calm you down and make you more resilient to stress and negative emotions. Anxiety and depressive-like states should be suppressed with time as well – the Amanita Extract may help you with personal issues, emotional insight and self-awareness. If you love to surround yourself with other people's dramas, throw this bottle away immediately!
• It will affect your sleep and dreams. There are dozens of personal reports that indicate sleep improvement and a possibility to counteract insomnia. Sleep becomes calmer and deeper which results in the quality of rest and regeneration. Dreams become more coherent and focused on personal issues as well. The improvement of dreams up to the level of lucid dreaming was also reported but it is not a typical experience.
• There are some reports about the anti-addictive effects of muscimol, but so far it has not been proven so the extract cannot be considered as a part of the treatment in any addiction. Of course, you may experiment for yourself.
• Muscimol is a non-addictive equivalent of the neurotransmitter GABA. It is not metabolised, does not accumulate in the human body and is wholly excreted with urine within 4-6 hours after ingestion.
Please remember this is not a magical potion for good fortune and beauty. Some of these things will happen spontaneously because of the muscimol's chemistry. Many others will happen only if you will treat it as a support in your own efforts. There are significant variations in the effectiveness depending on individual metabolism, physical condition and emotional balance.
You may also use our Extract externally. It contains natural amanita pigments: muscaflavin and muscarufin thus it's reddish-brown coloration. These substances are potent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal agents that may help you to heal skin fungal and bacterial infections, as well as to accelerate wound healing. Just spread one or two drops on infected area. In a case of direct contact with eyes, wash it away with flux of cold water.


And now some technicalities:
• The extract contains 75% of Amanita Muscaria oleoresin dissolved in organic plant glycerol of pharmaceutical purity grade. This is required to keep the extract in a liquid state.
• Due to the high content of oleoresin, the extract may coagulate and/or crystalize at temperatures below 20°C. This may occur when the package will be delivered to you. To turn it into the liquid again place it in a warm place or warm (not hot) water. 35-40°C for 15 minutes will do. Shake it well.
• There is no need to keep it cold but keep it tightly closed to prevent air contact.
• It may be ingested in pure drops or dissolved in water, fruit or vegetable juice, wine etc. but NOT(!) in carbonated drinks.
• Our extract is fully decarboxylated and stabilized to low pH. Alkaline products or carbonated drinks ingested directly with the extract may cause mild nausea or stomach discomfort.
• 5 ml bottle contains about 100 drops.


We are always happy to hear from you. For all other information, suggestions or questions please contact us. 

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