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   First Amanita Extract for microdose use   

We are proudly presenting the first Amanita Extract for everyday microdose use. The formula of our extracts differs widely from anything you may find elsewhere. This organic, eco-friendly and vegan product does not contain alcohol or any synthetic solvents but thanks to our new method of vacuum extraction all active compounds can be distilled and concentrated in a pure form. As a result, you can use only a few drops instead of a handful of dried amanitas..

Start with spending the first few days determining your dose. Initially, allow your body to respond to 2-3 drops. In most cases, 4 drops should be enough but it may vary depending on your body weight and metabolism. Please remember that microdosing is not focused on immediate results or spectacular fireworks and entertainment. It is a long-distance psychosomatic journey that may support you in changing your behavioral patterns and improving your emotional life. In microdosing, the „right” dose is such that you can feel hardly anything right away but in a long term, you observe emotional, mental and behavioral effects. The main active compound of the amanita – muscimol – structurally mimics the brain neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), thus affecting the central nervous system. This is the basis of its mind-body action.

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