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New Product - Amanita Vape Liquid

Liquid cartridges
Amanita Vape Liquid

Dear Friends,

We are really glad to give you our new product. After long and hard laboratory battle with the Mushroom it eventually surrendered giving us genuine Amanita Vape Liquid of its best properties :).

The process we were able to establish gives you a Liquid made entirely in our Lab, starting from drying mushrooms collected in our nearby woods, up to filling the cartridges with it.

We DO NOT use synthetic muscimol nor its isolates delivered from other suppliers so you may be sure our Liquid is free from traces of any toxic solvents or reagents.

You may use it to microdose but also for more distant travels.

Now some technicalities:

  • Cartridge volume: 1,1 ml (filled to 1ml)

  • Muscimol concentration: 100mg/ml

  • Vape Liquid VG/PG ratio: 50/50

  • Aroma: None

You will find it in our shop here.

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