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Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Amanita Regalis - The Royal Fly Agaric.

Royal Fly Agaric is the third species of Amanita genus containing active isoxasoles like muscimol and ibotenic acid. It is quite a rare mushroom occurring in Europe in two main regions: along northeastern coasts od Baltic See that is Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and along Carpathian regions of Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary. It is also, but less likely, found in Alpine forests of Italy and Austria. In other regions of Europe it is a rare or extremely rare species.

In contrary to A. Muscaria and A. Pantherina which in fact occurs anywhere if their symbiotic trees of any age are available, A. Regalis prefers mature fir and spruce forests only.

The active compounds of A. Regalis were laboratory tested only once, as far as we know, on limited number of specimens (Stijve, 1993). There is practically no scientific literature on this topic, yet rare medical reports of accidental poisonings show similar but magnified symptoms to those caused by A. muscaria. It is in accord with above mentioned study showing amplified content of isoxasoles in regard to average content in A. Muscaria. The table below compares sum total of isoxasoles calculated as pure muscimol in Muscaria, Regalis and Pantherina. You may note that Regalis exceeds Muscaria three and Pantherina two times in average content, which makes it the most potent of all Amanitas.

Moreover it seems to contains no muscarine alkaloid, as well as no symptoms of stizolobic and stizolobinic acids characteristic to A. pantherina were noted (see our blog note on Pantherina This means A. Regalis is not only most potent (muscimol content may exceed 0,5% of dry mass) but also most pure in action GABA-antagonist.

This year we proudly give you our Regalis Extract. This unique offer crown our line of Amanita products for everyday microdose use. It is waiting for you in our shop for order now along with Muscaria and Pantherina Vacuum Extracts.

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