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Muscaria & Pantherina

Testimonial of Gaby, our client from UK, about our Amanita Extracts.

" Amazing product! Great quality, 100% Amanita essence, which makes is so unique on the market. I've tried Amanita & CBD oil before and there's no way to compare them both. This one is much more concentrated, which you can notice in colour, smell and taste. I've tried Muscaria as well as Pantherina and found, that Pantherina works better for me. If you're an amanita begginer probably start from Muscaria and find your connection with it, before moving to the stronger shroom. Remember, this is not a product, that you use to get high! Instead, the daily microdosing helps with meditation, increases relaxation and lucid dreams as well as it grounds you to the earth. Packaging, as well as product itself, are beautiful and 100% organic! It definitely became an important part of my daily routine. It helps me to find my inner peace and manage my depression and anxiety, but also to discover myself and reconnect with a beautiful world of strong dreams! "


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