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Compound Mushroom Extracts

The year 2024 will be the fifth since we start our journey with Amanita Extracts. During this time we deeply researched the area in theory, laboratory practice, social background and personal experience. It gave us much fun but also ensures products we offer are not only another "tinctures" made in a jar on a kitchen table but safe, laboratory-grade fitotherapeutic supplements made with care, advance knowledge and professional equipment. During this time we were constantly improving our method of vacuum extraction and now we may widen its application to other fields of our interest.

So, we are happy to announce our new project: The Compound Mushroom Extracts.

Using our experience with Amanitas we are ready to introduce to our offer extracts made of other species of medicinal fungi. Our goal is to create several compound products with certain directions of action, namely: adaptogenic, nootropic, immunostimulation, sleep regulation and gastrointestinal balance.

In the area of our interest we found seven medicinal fungi that will accompany A. muscaria and A. Regalis with minor synergistic addiction of several herbs. These fungi are:

  • Birch bracket – Fomitopsis betulina

  • Chaga – Inotus obliquus

  • Turkey tail – Tremetes versicolor

  • Cordyceps – Cordyceps militaris

  • Reishi – Ganoderma lingzhi

  • Lion's mane – Hericium erinaceus

  • Iceland moss – Cetraria islandica

During forthcoming weeks you may expect specific descriptions of all these interesting species and then, in late January 2024, we will start to introduce new Compound Extracts to our shop.

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